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 SPECIALTIES; online and in-person


One to one, with an agreed approach and level of challenge, getting to the heart of why you feel, think or act the way you do. Therapeutic counselling can be painful at times, with 'aha' moments, and times of release and recognition at others, but always with the view that who you are and what you are feeling is 'OK', understandable and workable.


Can appear suddenly with an event, or be a familiar place that is hard to imagine being different. Using a combination of here and now, experiential attention and past-exploration, we can begin to understand, forgive and move forward.


With a focus on communication; in couples therapy, your relationship is the 'client' rather than you as individuals. From contemplating starting a family, resolving disagreements together to working to enhance a healthy relationship; using TA is empowering and quickly gets couples to positively change their patterns of thinking feeling and relating


Whether to substances or behaviours, addiction saps our capacity for love, spontaneity and enjoyment of life. Counselling looks directly for the parts of ourselves we sooth with the addiction, and with compassion for ourselves, finds another way.


Whether friends who have fallen out, to business partners contemplating changes, TA counselling can ease the path of change by finding a shared language and using a contractual approach that accounts for the material, emotional and historical.


Trauma is a wound that got through the armour. Sometimes clients just have a sense that part of them is traumatised without being able to identify why, others need help to process a particular traumatic event or period. Shame, confusion and guilt often muddy the waters, but identifying, soothing and healing the wound are possible.


Our bodies 'keep the score', they are a map of our lives, a support for our growth..... or irritant and drain, even an enemy. Paying compassionate attention to their signals is a key part of working therapeutically. Holding an awareness of some of the subtleties of how body, mind and spirit interact (eg polyvagal theory, Kinesiology, breathwork), is an ongoing project

................Heroes and role-models

Five people in the therapy world worth checking out; Gabor Mate, Bill Cornell, Orna from couples therapy, Donna Eden, Tsoknyi Rinpoche


I have spent many years working with people with a disability, and their parents and carers. Particular areas of experience are; visual or multi-sensory impairment, PMLD, Battens disease, dementia.

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